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About Dr. Colleen Fairbanks

Dr. Fairbanks' compelling behavior change consultant work spans the government and private sectors. As a thought leader in the area of emotional wellness, she was invited to share her expertise with the American Heart Association, Department of Veterans Affairs, Population Health Alliance, The Kennedy Foundation, Fox Entertainment Group and USA Today, among others.


Dr. Fairbanks’ work is collaborative and supportive with the goal of understanding strengths and finding solutions to assist others in living happier and healthier lives. She offers a mind-body approach to treatment and believes in the power of understanding how a person’s thoughts shape their physical and emotional health. Areas of specialization include happiness, positive psychology, behavior change and mindfulness. Dr. Fairbanks brings a wealth of information related to wellness based on her credentials as well as prior employment with the nation’s largest provider of employee-sponsored wellness.


Dr. Fairbanks is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in Health Psychology. She received her PhD from a nationally-recognized scientist-practitioner PhD program. 

Working with Dr. Fairbanks


Dr. Fairbanks is passionate about assisting individuals, in their personal and professional lives, achieve optimal health and happiness while avoiding life and work burnout. She has extensive experience working with individuals struggling with issues related to chronic disease management  tobacco cessation, weight management  cancer, and caregiving. Dr. Fairbanks also has extensive experience and passion for training individuals, including healthcare professionals in having efficient impactful conversations. Contact Dr. Fairbanks via the button below to hire her to speak and present at your next event. 

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