Time and happiness

When time is scarce, happiness overflows. Terminal illness, tragic accidents, death of a loved one taken way to early, these experiences rip us to the core. The reality of how scarce our time on this earth is cannot be ignored. Friends and family rally together, focus on the important things in life, and live each moment as though it matters. In the midst of tragedy, beauty abounds. Humans are inherently resilient. Despite setbacks, heartaches, and loss, we adapt and move for

Healing Positive Power of our Thoughts

I was fortunate enough to be the presenter for PDRMA Health's Wellness Wisdom Webinar series today in which I discussed the healing positive power of our thoughts! We experience over 60,000 thoughts per day. Finding ways to slow down the thought train, challenge irrational automatic thoughts, and shift the focus of our attention to find joy and happiness in the everyday were some of the key concepts reviewed and discussed. What an honor to be able to spread knowledge, awarene