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  • Dr. Colleen M. Fairbanks

Multitasking: Is it truly productive?

By now most of us have heard about the Oscars Best Picture mistake. It appears the mix up was due to distraction caused by multitasking. In this case, the distraction was a common 2 for 1 culprit. A cell phone and social media. (I’m not picking on social media and I’m not picking on cell phones. Both are lovely, and like a lot of things in life, humans have a hard time using such wonderful things in moderation.)

The accountant involved in this situation is merely a mirror to what a lot of us are struggling with in our own lives. Our worth can be wrapped up in how productive we feel. Productivity can be a slippery slope and morph into doing everything, everywhere, all the time. No one can be everywhere doing everything all the time. You can only be where you are, right now, doing the thing you are doing. How many of us find ourselves dropping the ball or ignoring important people and moments in our lives because we are too wrapped up in getting multiple things done and moving onto the next tasks quickly?

Slow down. Breath. Be present in the moment you are in. Make this moment the one that counts. Do it well. Do it right. This is what life is about. This is the feeling that will carry, support, and encourage you to live a life of worth and happiness.

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