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Health Benefits of Sleep - Presentation Overview

Sleep benefits

Spent a lovely evening with members of CustomFit recently discussing the health benefits of sleep.

Sleep is vitally important to our physical and emotional health, but often an overlooked or ignored area of our health and lives. Anything you want to get better at during the day (learning, managing your emotions, attention and focus, cravings, weight loss, etc.), gets better, or comes to fruition, while you are sleeping. I love being able to share actionable and personalized tips on how to improve the quantity and quality of sleep for those in attendance.

Here are 4 key takeaways:

  1. Deep sleep puts your body in a physiologic and emotional place to thrive because this is when learning is solidified, memories are consolidated, infections and diseases are fought, brain toxins are flushed, hormones are replenished, and muscles are repaired.

  2. Lack of sleep shouldn't be a badge of honor. You owe it to yourself (and those around you!) to make time for good restorative sleep.

  3. At night your body and brain should be equally tired. If you aren't moving a lot during the day but you are mentally exhausted, you may find you toss and turn. Get moving throughout your day.

  4. Manage worries during the day so that your mind is calm at night. Write down your concerns. Talk them over and sort through what's going on and how you can resolve the issue.

For a deeper look inside this presentation, check out my video clip below.

Have a happy and healthy day....and a wonderful night's rest!

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