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  • Dr. Colleen M. Fairbanks

Looking Back

Ten years ago I earned my Ph.D. Within that time, I’ve loved and loathed my degree. I worked for someone else’s business, the federal government, corporate America, and owned my own business. I’ve assisted thousands of individuals and know for certain we are all more alike than different. No one is immune to suffering and everyone is capable of feeling joy. I’ve sat in meetings with male counterparts in which they were referred to as Dr. and I was referred to as Mrs. I became a mom three times over and had to figure out, just like all working moms, how to handle it all each and every time. I’ve learned there is no such thing as balance, but there is great power in living the life that aligns with you, the core you, the real you. I’ve learned you can make more money but you can’t make more time. I’m honored to be able to walk the walk while I talk the talk in helping others live their life to the fullest.

Thanks for taking a moment to mark this passage of time with me. Cheers!

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