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  • Dr. Colleen M. Fairbanks

"This was actually really helpful"

"This was actually really helpful."

I’ve heard this countless times from my individual clients and audience members after speaking events. For some this backhanded compliment would be tough to swallow. For me, I savor these type of statements. They provide me the boost I need to keep doing what I do. You see, what underlies this statement is the realization of “I was stuck but I know now how to get unstuck.”

Over time we get into patterns of thinking and behaving and slip into autopilot status quo living. While beneficial in a lot of ways—It would be exhausting and impossible to consciously walk through every single thought and decision making point ---this automatic way of living can backfire. Talking through things, participating in a speaking event, listening to a podcast, reading a thought provoking book, this is how we start to shift our perspective, become aware of possibilities, and see our lives and the situations we find ourselves in, in a different way. This is how we begin to make the changes we want to make, need to make, and didn’t even realize we could make.

It's an honor helping people shift their perspective and gain new skills. It's pure joy to watch how surprised they are with my helpfulness!

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