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  • Dr. Colleen M. Fairbanks

Caring for the person behind the mom

On this Mother’s day weekend my husband took my three kids and left.

It’s been an amazing 24 hours.

I watched two movies completely uninterrupted. I took a nap on my couch and woke up when my body said it was time to wake up, not when someone yelled or jumped on me. I went to the bathroom without any visitors. I wore yoga pants to an actual yoga class. I drank a hot cup of coffee from start to finish.

My family will arrive home tonight and I will be refreshed, recharged and ready to celebrate them because they are the reason I am a mom. Prior to this celebration, though, I knew, and my husband knew, that I needed a break. While others can seamlessly blend from normal day to Mother’s day, I cannot. Motherhood is a nonstop, exhilaratingly, exhausting, wonderful, miserable, mess of emotions and tasks. I needed space from the nonstop to fill my soul so that I can continue to be the giving, attentive, positive role model of a mom I aspire to be. Letting my soul get drained, leads to bitterness, resentfulness, lack of patience, and a home filled with walking on eggshells.

My wish for all women celebrating Mother’s day, is that you have a support system in place that helps guide and honor you for the person you are and the mother you wish to be. I hope that you listen to the voice inside and advocate for yourself. If spending Mother’s day alone to care for the person behind the role of mom, is what you need, have the courage to make that happen. If spending Mother’s day immersed in and surrounded by family and kids is what you want, then enjoy every minute. I hope that whatever it is that you decide to do on this Mothers’ day, your heart is full and your soul is rested and refreshed.

Cheers to you! Happy Mother’s Day!

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