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  • Dr. Colleen M. Fairbanks


I recently realized I wasn't taking good care of myself because I was exhausted. I was exhausted not in a "Look at me and all that I do for everyone" or "Everyone's needs must be met before I care for myself" martyr kind of way. No, I was exhausted just meeting the basic demands of being a small business owner, wife, mom of three, and any other roles that happen to pop up. I'm not doing anything extravagant or self-sacrificing to warrant such exhaustion and there wasn't much I could stop doing or outsource to help me. I knew something needed to change but....what...?

I work with people all the time stuck in a hamster wheel of exhaustion believing that nothing can be done to help them. What I've found with myself and others is that there is always something that can be done.

Figuring out your own secret sauce by digging into:

What made a great day different from an exhausting day? What areas of your life can be paired together? What activities can be moved to a different time of the day or week? What do you need to have in place to help keep your mental strength strong? How do you keep your values and priorities in sharp focus to guide your outlook?

Take a look at your life and ask yourself some of these questions to help clear the mental clutter that feed exhaustion. Start taking steps today to live the life you want, rather than the life that somehow got stuck to you.

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