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  • Dr. Colleen M. Fairbanks

Avoid the Decay

Some days my kids stare at screens for hours on end and I eat a half a piece of cheese and a bowl of ice cream for lunch. Other days I manage to have all of us eat veggies, do a Star Wars scavenger hunt, make baby Yoda puppets, and enjoy a Death Star science experiment.

No one can kick butt every day, but if you find yourself eating or drinking too much/yelling/sleeping/withdrawing/overthinking/crying/lashing out to those you love or to strangers on more days than not, you may discover that the negative that lies on the inside and outside of us has taken over the positive. Reach out to those who love you and ask for help and support. Reach out to trained mental health professional to help you think and react differently.

I've had so many clients in the past few weeks tell me they weren't going to schedule an appointment because they felt nothing could be changed about their current situation. Fortunately, after taking the time to discuss what is on their minds and the details of their circumstances, they realized even in times in which we feel stuck and the negativity and sadness is surrounding and threatening to overcome us, there are ways to regain power and stability by focusing on what is within our control and by learning to view and respond differently. You can stay on top, see the negativity, feel the sadness, but not be absorbed in the decay.

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